Artwork Guidelines

Personalised Luggage runs from an automated order management system. Customers place their order, which is immediately sent to our print queue. This ensures we can get your luggage to you as quickly as possible. We will always flag up poor quality designs if we spot them, but even with our vigilant print team, some uploads still manage to slip through unnoticed. This is why we ask all customers to cross check their images against our artwork guidelines to make sure you've no nasty surprises when you receive your luggage.


Note: These are only guidelines. You can put through lower quality images and the print will often look perfectly acceptable. If you're unsure of your artwork just contact us and we'll advise on this for you. 


Artwork Guidelines

  • Preferred file formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG and TIFF

  • Minimum sizes for photos: 2000x1500

  • Minimum sizes for artwork with logos and text: 3400x2500 pixels

  • Any images too large can be sent via

  • Templates in PDF format for each size are available. If you need these or more information please contact us.

Please take into account:

  • As the picture is printed around the corners it is advisable to have a border of 10% around the image you want to see on the front side - As see in this picture.Artwork Guidelines